Space Standards

More space, for you

New housing in Britain has some of the least generous Space Standards in Europe and unit sizes are continuing to decrease as developers seek to maximise the value of land at the expense of the quality of living standards. While the reasons for this are complex, a simple way to address the issue is to simplify the house building process and add diversity and choice into the housing market. Self-Build and Custom Build is a common form of purchasing your own house in many other countries, and can be a great way of getting better value for money when finding a new home. Heveske can help by guiding you through the process and, because houses are built to order, can offer improved living standards without the increased cost, offering a flexible alternative to buying a new home.

Smaller houses need not be an inevitable consequence of increased demand in the housing sector and we believe that the best way to improve the quality of UK housing is to provide choice and competition.


New houses in the UK

Homes recently built by some UK PLC’s
averaged 87.7m2


UK Standard

The average UK Home
is 115.5m2


Heveske Build

The average Hevesk home
is 137m2



Through good design and innovative building methods, Heveske houses can be built almost 50% larger than the current UK average for new homes, without the equivalent increase in cost, bringing space provision more in line with our european equivalent.

Materials / Build Quality

The construction method and palette of materials employed in the Heveske houses have been chosen to simplify and speed up the construction process, while keeping costs down. Through the use of standardised components and ‘off-the-shelf’ materials, waste is minimised and the quality of materials can be maintained. The use of natural, breathable construction and reduction of the use of plastics and other toxic materials, makes for more sustainable buildings and a healthier internal environment

HSK Sky 02
Environmental Performance

We believe that all buildings should be built to the highest environmental standards possible, and that sustainability is not a luxury add-on. The largest demand on energy in buildings is on heating and cooling – Heveske houses are designed to minimise the need for this through high levels of insulation, air tight construction and good ventilation along with low energy appliances, fittings and so on. Good environmental design is heavily linked to the building context, and so appropriate technologies can also be applied to individual projects through discussions at the design stage.

  • Competitive not Exclusive
  • Speed of Construction
  • Flexibility

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