How it works

An easy process

From buying your plot, right through to completion

Custom Build is an alternative way of buying a house. It is common practice in Europe and other parts of the world, and is gaining in popularity here in the UK, but still only account for around 10% of new builds (compared to 60% in places like Germany and Italy, and up to 80% in Austria). Rather than settling for the latest offer from the newest housing development, custom build allows you to be in control – from choosing a site to deciding whether or not open plan works best for you.

Contrary to the mis-conception the custom and self-build projects require you to have a knowledge of the building trade and to get involved in the build process, you can actually be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish. All you need is a desire to build something better and more bespoke than is on offer from more traditional routes. (more detailed information on the custom-build process can be found here:

Heveske can help by providing a range of house types which are built to increased space standards and higher environmental specification to typical developer housing, that offer the flexibility to be tailored to your needs and budget. We will take the stress out of a custom-build project by guiding you through the entire process and delivering a completed home without the need for you to put on a hard-hat and high vis!


Pick a plot

While we do not provide serviced plots, we can assist and
advise on appropriate sites and their suitability for Custom-Build.

Design it

Once a site has been obtained, we will liaise with you
to choose the appropriate dwelling type and options to suit
you needs. Once this has been established we will research local
Planning Policy and submit a Planning Application as required.
If Planning Permission is obtained we will then move on to the
next stage in the process.


Build it

As soon as a formal order is placed for a Heveske Property,
we will begin with ground investigations, and prepare the services
and foundations. Panel manufacture can also begin. On completion
of the foundation work, the house can be assembled – aiming to
complete the build in just 8 weeks.

Move in

On completion, the building will be inspected and we will hand
over the keys along with all of the relevant documentation. We will
also carry out a further inspection of the works 6 months after
completion and rectify any defects that may have emerged.


Ready to build? Request an info pack or set up a meeting.

Fit out options


Self finish

‘Heveske’ clients are presented with two options in terms of the internal finishing and decoration of their new Heveske house, ‘self-finish’ or ‘turn key’.

Self-finish describes the process by which the client takes possession of the property at the time at which the house is a watertight shell. This can save the client some of the cost associated with the fit-out and internal decoration of their new home, whilst also allowing them the opportunity to have some hands-on involvement in put their own mark on the latter stages of their build. In this instance the client would have the responsibility of installing their own kitchen, bathroom, fitting their own lighting, doors and internal painting and decoration.


Turn Key

In contrast to the self-finish route, ‘turn-key’ describes an alternative by which the house is handed over to the client in an entirely finished state, ready to move in to.

Under the turn key route, the client is involved in the selection of all the interior fixtures and fittings, bathroom, kitchen, lighting and decoration. However, this is implemented by Heveske with the client taking possession of the property at the very end when their house is ready to move it to. The advantage of this is allowing the client involvement in defining the finished product, but taking away the stresses that maybe associated with the responsibility of fitting and installing all these finishing elements.